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Bullshit free social media management

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Hey! My name's Philippa and I'm the face behind Rad Digital.

After doing social media marketing in one form or another for many employers over the past ten years, I decided to branch out and do it on a freelance basis in early 2021. 

I understand that a lot of small businesses HATE having to create content and post regularly (or even be on social media at all) and subjects like hashtags and content pillars might not sound all that intriguing.

But for me? I find it fascinating. WHY did a certain post do well? Was it because of the caption? The image or images used? Was it the time of day posted? Was it the hashtags? (plot twist: it would have been a combination of all the above)  

So, it makes sense for me to help out businesses that need some strategic guidance when it comes to social media. 

Oh, also? I am ALL about saying it how it is. No buzzwords or bullshit here. Promise. 

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